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Mail2SMSXXL Documentation & Download

- Download Mail2SMSXXL (1 MB)

Create a new email account in your email client using following settings:
- POP3 server address:
- SMTP server address:
- Username: anything
- Password: anything
- Email format: Plain text

Important: Don’t forget to check "Leave a copy of messages on server" option in your e-mail software, if you want to leave your SMS messages on your mobile phone!

Check out this animations:
- Setting up Outlook Express (190K)
- Send SMS (90K)
- Screenshot

- Use ! as first character in subject to send Flash-SMS
    !Hi, where are you?

- Use ? as first character in subject to request receipt report
    ?Hi, where are you?

- You can also combine both
    ?!Hi, where are you?